Andhika Rutten

Introducing Andhika Rutten


knowledge sharing and international collaboration with peers is inevitable in order to achieve safety and solidarity while building a better place

Andhika Rutten works for KIT Intercultural Professionals, part of the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam. Besides that she is a Strategic Sustainability Consultant, with a focus on empowering vulnerable communities, while advocating a human centered approach when it comes to setting up Business Strategies on Sustainability. Climate Change, Human Rights violations, and Poverty are the talk of the day and she believes that Businesses have the right tools and power to catalyze change from bottom up. Therefor Businesses need to understand the needs of the vulnerable communities (f.e. smallholder farmers in the palm oil chain and women in the textile industry) and team up with the right experts in the field. The people in the field need to understand what is being expected from them. This way you create little speedboats towards a positive and healthy future.

Having ties from both sides (a father who has roots in the Netherlands/Dutch East Indies and a mother of Indonesian/Chinese descent, with family in Indonesia), catalyzed the love for Indonesia as the country is now. Later on, during her teenage years she developed a special interest in connecting the past, the here and now and the future. Being raised with four sides of shared history made her realize that these events carry complexity.

we will never know all the facts, but we will meet people

Our historically shared relationship is a relationship that needs further investigation and through education we need to rectify the (historical) discourse. But let us also use this shared relationship as a (conversation) starter for potential collaborations, to write a new chapter, to create new joint experiences and to share responsibility when tackling global (human rights, socio-economic and ecological) challenges. Indonesia is the future!