Monica Bouman

Introducing Monica Bouman


Monica Bouman, secretary of the board, is one of the initiators of the foundation of Indonesia Nederland Society in 2012. With an Indo-European background and ancestors from Bandung, her parents left Indonesia in 1950 and settled in the Netherlands, where she was born and raised.

After her academic studies in social sciences she became a researcher of dialogue and practitioner in fostering dialogue. In Monica’s view the Indonesia Nederland Society may promote the economic and cultural relationship between Indonesia and the Netherlands by fostering partnerships, both on the national level and locally and globally. Monica believes that the Indonesian and Dutch people share rich capabilities in the field of deliberation and decision-making; the so-called ‘poldermodel’ resembles ‘gotong royong’ and both peoples have traditions of decision making by consensus seeking. In the face of climate change, globalization and the future of the youth in Indonesia and the Netherlands, both countries can profit by sharing knowledge and experiences, and learning a new unity in diversity.