Mission Statement

The Indonesia Nederland Society, established March 2012 in The Hague, is an autonomous organization with a specific purpose.

The mission of the Indonesia Nederland Society is to further and deepen the relationship between Indonesia and the Netherlands in the field of

– Bilateral Relations

– Economic Development

– Culture

– Education & Sciences.


Indonesia and the Netherlands both benefit from intensifying their mutual relationship and interests.

Based on reciprocal respect, the Indonesia Nederland Society contributes to that mutual benefit in easing the bilateral relations wherever and whenever possible, using her influential networks in both countries.

The INS has a Board as well as a Board of Trustees of prominent members in both the Netherlands and Indonesia.

Students and young professionals are reached through INYS, the youth affiliation of INS.


Indonesia and the Netherlands share a common past and have many ties in their mutual cultures. Respecting the past, both countries may benefit from knowing each other’s cultures and the advantages of intensified bilateral cooperation.

The Indonesia Nederland Society regularly grants the Linggarjati award to a prominent Indonesian and/or Dutch man or woman for his/her merits in promoting good relations between Indonesia and Nederland.

The Indonesia Nederland Society addresses the general public, public opinion makers, private companies and knowledge centers in both the Netherlands and Indonesia.


Seventy years after independence and almost two decades of political and institutional reforms, Indonesia has emerged as a stable democracy and prominent member of ASEAN, the European Union’s counterpart in South-east Asia. With its population of 258 million (2015), a GDP of $ 862 billion (2015) and a GDP growth of 4.8%, Indonesia is interesting to the Netherlands as a rapidly growing market for quality products and as a stable production site.


For many Indonesian companies the Netherlands are the perfect knowledge partner for a sustainable development of the Indonesian society and economy.